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SAT/ACT prep

A resource for a free SAT/ACT preparation class Posted on September 19, 2013by Kate Kresse My friend Katharine Trauger made me aware of a free SAT/ACT tool/preparation class. You pay a very small student fee, but that’s it. Of course there are other … Continue reading

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A quick note–I am re-doing most of my posts for this blog

I have been made aware that putting complete postings that originated elsewhere may be a violation of the WordPress agreement unless specific permission has been granted. This is even if I include the link and make it clear who the … Continue reading

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Learning along with you

Dyslexia is the cause of many learning difficulties for students. This can include the areas of reading, listening, math, written expression, and more. Click on the page button in the header to learn more. Follow this space as I begin … Continue reading

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History of Dyslexia

Source: History of Dyslexia Dyslexia was coined by Berlin, a German ophthalmologist in 1887. Dys means bad from the Greek language; the root lexia is also from Greek which relates to the written word. In 1896 a British ophthalmologist, Hinshelwood, … Continue reading

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I want this to be a resource for you as I learn

Welcome to Ace It Now. My name is Kate, and I am a tutor and an advocate. If you and/or someone you know is struggling to succeed academically, you have found a resource. I don’t know all the answers, but … Continue reading

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