Wiring of a Dyslexic Brain

Source: http://www.dyslexiadx.dom/articles-honoring.php

Wiring Of A Dyslexic Brain

People with Dyslexia have a larger right-hemisphere in their brains than those of normal readers. That may be one reason people with Dyslexia often have significant strengths in areas controlled by the right-side of the brain, such as artistic, athletic, and mechanical gifts; 3-D visualization ability; musical talent; creative problem solving skills; and intuitive people skills. In addition to unique brain architecture, people with Dyslexia have unusual “wiring”. Neurons are found in unusual places in the brain, and are not as neatly ordered as in non-Dyslexic brains. In addition to unique brain architecture and unusual wiring, f/MRI studies have shown that people with Dyslexia do not use the same part of their brain when reading as other people and there appears to be no consistent areas used among Dyslexic readers. It is therefore assumed that people with Dyslexia are not using the most efficient part of their brain when they read. A different part of their brain has taken over that function.
Study Conclusions
The National Institutes of Health conducted a longitudinal study by tracking 5,000 children at random from all over the country starting when they were 4 years old until they graduated from high school. These research results have been independently replicated and are now considered to be irrefutable:

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