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An open letter to students receiving standardized test scores

Previously, I published excerpts from a letter that a friend shared with me. She said that a principal sent it home to the students. Here is the link to that post In recent feedback, I was told that the … Continue reading

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Why do I have to take history and social studies?

Why do I have to take history/social studies? That is a mantra that many of my students repeat, over and over. Of course, I tell them that those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it. I … Continue reading

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SAT/ACT prep

A resource for a free SAT/ACT preparation class Posted on September 19, 2013by Kate Kresse My friend Katharine Trauger made me aware of a free SAT/ACT tool/preparation class. You pay a very small student fee, but that’s it. Of course there are other … Continue reading

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Dreams are illustrations

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you”. Marsha Norman. My soul has been writing a metaphorical book for a long time. The book is about learning, becoming, developing your unique combination of talents for the sheer … Continue reading

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A resource for grammar

Do you have trouble with using proper grammar? Do you have problems teaching it to your children? Here is a resource that I highly recommend. She goes back to basics. she teaches diagramming step-by-step. Besides the book she also provides … Continue reading

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IEP time: ADA backs you up on this

Parents~ It is spring. That means it is time for IEP (Individual Education Plan) meetings with teachers and administration. Remember, if you have a documented diagnosis for your student, schools are required to prepare an IEP and hold meetings that … Continue reading

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You, too can be special to the admissions officer: yes, you!

I am sure you have heard tons of advice. Join every club, play every instrument, be in student government. Have you thought about what makes you unique? Have you thought about what you are good at? Perhaps you think the … Continue reading

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