IEP time: ADA backs you up on this

look out to the horizon; the world is full of possibilities

look out to the horizon; the world is full of possibilities


It is spring. That means it is time for IEP (Individual Education Plan) meetings with teachers and administration. Remember, if you have a documented diagnosis for your student, schools are required to prepare an IEP and hold meetings that include you and the IEP team. They are not doing you a favor, it is a requirement because of the ADA (American Disabilities Act). Now, when I say a right, I don’t mean to walk into the meeting in a combative mood. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
However, do your research. See what the research says about your child’s disabilities and what kinds of accommodations have been successful. Make sure that everyone is aware that YOU are aware that the plan exists and must be adhered to. Teach your child to advocate as well. Follow-up at the beginning of the year to make sure that all the teachers and staff are aware of the IEP requirements and accommodations. Do not expect that they will remember every detail. After all, they have MANY students; not just your child.
I believe it is essential in the IEP meeting(s) to document a plan to have “tune-up” meetings either mid-way through each quarter. Cildren and young adults grow and change, so do their needs.
Remember, advocating takes practice. You must put together a plan before that IEP meeting. Be professional, courteous, respectful, but do not let your child’s needs go unmet. You CAN do this!
Both of the links below will provide you with OUTSTANDING support, guidance, information, and more.

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