Welcome! To the place of new dreams.

Are you struggling with a class or classes? Do you have a child or young adult that is struggling? Guess what! You can learn to succeed. Perhaps you’ve heard it all before. Perhaps you no longer believe. Perhaps you no longer even care….

But do you know what? You can improve one tiny bit at a time. I believe you can, and I believe in you! Check in with me regularly. I promise I will give you some guidance in various subjects. Sign in and post comments. Let me know your course struggles. What subject has you beaten down?

If you are looking for optimistic boosts, you can try my other blog: http://BelieveAnyway.wordpress.com

If you are looking for ways to make college affordable, you can try yet another of my blogs: http://CheaperCollege.wordpress.com.

One of the many hats that I wear is that of a tutor. Many of my students feel quite defeated before we even begin working together. I tell them that what they lack is not ability. They lack tools! Let’s work on tools, okay?

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